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Welcome to Tampa Family Resources, Inc.

Our Purpose:

Providing Christian counseling promoting healthy marriages, secure parent-child relationships, and individual emotional and spiritual well-being. 

How we do this:

Providing Christian marriage and family counseling, life coaching and corporate chaplaincy services.

Our services include: 
    • Biblical Counseling:  Individual, marriage, couple-to-couple counseling, women’s issues, mens’ issues, grief support
    • Faith-based family educational services:  Nurturing Parenting Program, Your Blended Family Program, Co-parenting plans
    • Christian Life-Coaching:  Parenting skills, Relationships, stress management, divorce transition
    • Corporate Chaplaincy:  Partnering with employers to support the emotional and spiritual well-being of employees and their families.
  • Resources  Referrals:  Partnering with community based programs that are in the best interests of the client.


Tampa Family Resources Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit, non-denominational, charitable organization founded in 2008 with a vision to provide faith-based biblical Counseling, Life Coaching, and Chaplaincy services for individuals, couples, families, and businesses.  Our counseling and life coaching services are available in-person, by phone and online.  Our businesses package is called a Corporate Support Team (CST)  and  includes chaplaincy, life coaching and counseling.  Since employees often bring their emotional baggage into work with them, we have found that businesses are only as healthy and productive as the employees working there.  Tampa Family Resources business services enhance productivity in the workplace by encouraging, educating, and empowering employees to be the best they can be at work and at home.  

Here’s some more about our team . . . 

Dr. Ron Beck

Ron is the Co-founder and Vice President of Tampa Family Resources, Inc.  As a certified Professional Life Coach, Ron specializes in relationship, divorce transition, and stress management coaching.  Ron’s Masters and Doctorate degrees both have an emphasis on Marriage and Family Counseling.  His education and over 30 years of experience has equipped him for assisting individuals, couples, and families in reconciling and building healthy relationships.

Ron’s doctoral work was completed at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia.  An outgrowth of his doctoral work is, “Your Blended Family,” a small group curriculum designed for small groups and counselors to strengthen and encourage couples in the blending process.  He has developed and  directs our Corporate Support Team program that we offer to businesses in the Tampa Bay Area.  Through our CST program we partner with employers to provide Professional Life Coaching, Chaplaincy, and Counseling Services to employees and their immediate family members.  (See more about our CST program on our “Corporate Services” page)

April Beck

April and Ron have been married 39 years. They have three beautiful daughters and three amazing grandchildren. April’s niche at Tampa Family Resources is supporting and encouraging healthy parent/child relationships from newborns to teens and caring for women struggling with issues such as depression, divorce, grief and abuse.  April is board certified through the International Board of Christian Counselors. She has a B.A. in Christian counseling, numerous certifications from the American Association of Christian Counselors and teaching certifications from the International Association of Infant Massage and The Happiest Baby on the Block.  April is also a certified trainer at Champions for Children’s Brazelton Touchpoints Site of Tampa Bay.


  Brent & Lucy Howell 

Brent & Lucy are married and in a blended family, with five wonderful children. In being a part of Tampa Family Resources, their heartfelt desire is to provide couples and families with the proper resources and skills to succeed in marriage and family relationships. A unique element that Brent and Lucy offer is couple-to-couple counseling. Couples find this dynamic in counseling to be very beneifical, as they are able to receive both the male and female perspective in their specific areas of need. In addition to counseling, Brent & Lucy also lead and facilitate the small group curriculum of “Your Blended Family” to countless families in the Tampa Bay area. Both are members of the American Association of Christian Counselors and Board Certified Biblical Counselors.

Their training, certifications, and continuing education at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia have provided them with the necessary tools and resources to specialize in aiding individuals through divorce transition, navigating the complexities of blended families, and couples struggling or desiring to enrich their marriage relationship.


Dear Grace Photography_Tampa_Child_Photographer_0150

Allison Zentmeyer

Allison joined TFR in May 2012 to use her passion for health and wellness to positively educate the local community. Allison is a certified personal trainer, half-marathoner, former collegiate tennis player and tennis coach. She is also a mom who takes pride in helping women of all ages find a healthy balance in the myriad of unbalanced, unhealthy messages society permeates us with. Allison believes fitness is a mindset and continual lifestyle choice that benefits your whole self.

Counseling Services

Christian Counseling Services

Strengthening families and individuals by providing faith based solutions for modern day family issues.

About Our Counseling Services

Many in the community do not get the counseling help they need simply because they do not know who to turn to or cannot afford the high cost of counseling centers.  Unlike traditional counseling centers, we are uniquely positioned to provide counseling for individuals and families at a very affordable price.

This encompasses counseling children, youth and adults for such needs as:

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Blended Family Adjustment
  • Healthy Parenting Tools: Toddlers – Teens
  • New Baby Adjustment
    • Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression
    • Infant Massage
    • Happiest Baby/ Toddler on the Block
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Grief support
  • Depression support
  • Divorce transition & recovery
  • Domestic abuse


We offer referrals for needs outside the scope of our expertise such as:

  • Mental and emotional needs requiring licensed mental health counselors
  • Medical Needs
  • Crisis Pregnancy
  • Domestic Abuse Shelter

To schedule a counseling appointment please contact me at dr.ronbeck@gmail.com or 813-679-3275

Health & Wellness

When it comes to your health and wellness here’s something to think about . . .

  • The CDC has stated that 75 percent of healthcare spending goes to treating preventable chronic diseases, most of which are diet-related.
  • According to researchers from the University of Oxford and Columbia University (as published in the August 2011 issue of The Lancet medical journal), if current obesity trends continue:
    Half of people in the U.S. will be obese by 2030.
    − Spending on obesity-related causes will rise by 13% to 16% each year.
    − There will be 7.8 million more people with diabetes, 6.8 million cases of coronary heart disease and stroke, and 539,000 extra cases of cancer.
  • The USDA’s Dietary Guidelines recommend adults eat anywhere from 5-13 servings (1cup = a serving) of fruits and vegetables per day
  • By eating at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day, you can reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease by 30%, lose weight, and enhance your immune system so you don’t get sick as often. 

Are you getting the proper nutrition in your diet?

My personal health story . . . by Dr. Ron Beck

I have always been pretty active. Played little league baseball, high school football and wrestling, and then college soccer. Like most Americans I have done my share of eating poorly, but for the past 15-20 years have tried to eat healthier.  Like many people, I have a family history of high blood pressure, heart disease, and various kinds of cancer. For example, I officiated the funerals of my grandmother who died of colon cancer, and My father who died suddenly of a heart attack at age 63. Like everyone I have heard and read over the years that “its genetics,” and that you inherit these physical maladies from your parents and grandparents, but I have to be honest with you, I have never liked that answer. Why? Because unlike my father and grandmother, I want to be around to enjoy my children, grandchildren, and yes, one day, my great grandchildren.

Because of this “predisposition” as they call it I have had less than favorable blood work from my annual physicals. High blood pressure and high cholesterol along with high numbers in several other areas of my blood work were the norm for me over the years . . . until this past year.

You see, I made one simple change a little over a year ago. Then, on May 25, 2017 I went in for my annual physical and when I got my blood work back I was literally blown away. There were three pages of blood work and the same phrase at the bottom written by my primary care physician. The phrase?

“Your blood work is all within normal limits”

When the nurse took my blood pressure at the beginning of my physical, I heard her say hummmm, so I asked, “Is it high?” She responded, “No, actually it is good.” My previous visit to the doctor the nurse who took my blood pressure asked, “I guess you forgot to take your blood pressure meds today, uh?  To which I responded, “No, I have never taken blood pressure meds.” He responded, “oh, looks like you may need to start.”

Don’t miss my point . . . all I did from one annual physical to this past one was one simple change . . . I started taking Juice Plus.

Watch this 2min video and if you have any questions or would like to know more about Juice Plus+ you can contact me at dr.ronbeck@gmail.com or 813-679-3275.



Family Builders Team

Families are under attack.  Marriages are failing at an alarming rate.

Children are growing up without stability and secure attachments.  Financial  pressure prevents many from seeking the help they need to protect their family.  Tampa Family Resources offers faith based marriage and family counseling at affordable rates thanks to our generous team of Family Builders.

Current marriage statistics show . . .

  • The percentage of married individuals, over the age of 18, who respond that their marriages are “very happy” has gradually declined over the last four decades, though the numbers have leveled out in the past 20 years. The most recent studies show that 63.1% of men and 60.7% of women classify their marriages as such. (The State of Our Unions 2011, 66)
  • Due to the lack of stability and support in the home, children from divorced parents experience significant decrease in academic success, physical health, and future stability in their own relationships. (Marriage and the Family in the United States: Resources for Society and Why Marriage Matters)
  • The rate of satisfaction in marriage is higher for husbands and wives when both regularly maintain religious attendance and feel that God is the center of their marriage. (The State of Our Unions 2011, 31, 33)
  • Both men and women have higher life expectancies when married than those who are single or divorced. (Why Marriage Matters, 30)

TFR Family Builders is our team of donors who share our vision for healthy marriages and secure families.  They recognize that the attack on the family is an attack on our communities as well.  They have chosen to give back to the Tampa Bay Area by making faith based marriage and family counseling affordable for everyone who desires a stable and secure family.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming one of our Family Builders?

For every donation of fifty dollars we are able to provide a counseling session for a couple in need.  Would you be willing to make a faith commitment of $50, $100, $300, $500 or more per month to help provide couples with the help they might otherwise not be able to afford?

Every donation given to Tampa Family Resources is considered a charitable donation as we are a 501C3 non-denominational charitable organization.

Join us and let’s build some solid families in the Tampa Bay area!