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Habit #4

Give each other the gift of respect and protect each others dignity.

Eph. 5:22-33 – The essence of this passage is love and respect.  Three things not to do in the household:

The 3 D’s – No Disrespect, No Dishonesty, No Disobedience.

 Habit #5

Take the initiative to take and pour support and encouragement into one another.

Eph. 5:32-33 — No one should encourage or support my wife more than I do! I must make sure that I do this habitually. “I will never lose anything if I give up everything.”

 Habit #6

Face the reality of their humanity with a positive attitude and a willingness to Forgive.

Eph. 4:32 — Change takes place in the atmosphere of love and grace.

 Habit #7

They intentionally build their marriage and families with a vision of mission and legacy.

This is where many couples have “missed the boat.” We need, no, we must build our marriages and family with a vision for the future. The condition of your marriage will forecast the vision of your family’s future.

Marriage is like a long train ride. We say, “I do” and start having babies. The car begins to fill up. Things start changing, kids graduate, people start moving away, people die. You are left in a little apartment alone.

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