Can Someone Steal a blessing God intends for me?


IMG_7570_1024A client recently asked this question: “Can someone steal a blessing from you that God intended for you to have?”

Short answer: No

First, let’s define the term “blessing.” Webster defines the term this way: “approval that allows or helps you to do something; help and approval from God; something that helps you or brings happiness.” Those of us who claim to a have a spiritual relationship with God don’t typically believe in “luck,” or “fate.”  We believe that God is sovereign (possessing all power and control) over the universe He has created. Therefore, we believe that He bestows many different kinds of “blessings” on those created in His image. Blessings can be spiritual, financial, physical, material, relational, etc., but we believe we receive these “blessings” from the hand of a loving, all-powerful God.

So, with that in mind, can someone steal a blessing God wants and intends to bestow on me?

Let’s take a look at a more complete answer, as there is an Old Testament story that speaks to this subject. The story is about a pair of twin brothers, Esau and Jacob, sons of Isaac. Their story is found in Genesis beginning in chapter 25 and goes like this: Isaac was 60 years old when he had Esau and Jacob. Esau was the firstborn, and being born first back in those days meant you received the blessing of the firstborn, which was called the “birthright.” At the death of the father, the firstborn would normally receive a double portion of the estate over his siblings.

In Genesis 25:27-34 we find the story of Esau selling his birthright to his younger brother, Jacob. He sold it for a bowl of stew. So, Jacob did not steal the blessing of the birthright, but rather, Esau, as verse 34 tells us, “despised his birthright” and sold it to Jacob.

Next, the story of Esau and Jacob continues and near the end of their father Isaac’s life he calls Esau in to bestow a blessing upon him. In Genesis 27 we find the story of where Jacob literally deceives his father Isaac and steals the blessing that Isaac was going to bestow on Esau. Jacob dressed up like Esau and deceived Isaac, who, by the way was legally blind at this point, the although he sounded like Jacob, he was in fact the oldest twin, Esau. Isaac placed his hand on Jacob’s head and bestowed the blessing of the firstborn on the youngest.

Now, push the pause button . . . I know what you are thinking . . . See here’s an example of where someone can steal a blessing that God intended for someone else to have. Well, here’s a question for you? Did God intend for Esau to have that blessing? Before the twins were born God told Rebekah who He intended to bestow those blessings on in Genesis 25:23, “The Lord said to her, Two nations are in your womb; And two peoples will be separated from your body; And one people shall be stronger than the other; And the older shall serve the younger.” NASU

You see, God never intended for the firsborn, Esau to receive the blessings normally bestowed to the firstborn. In His sovereignty, God intended for Jacob to receive the blessing even before the twins were even born.

So . . . remember this . . . when God intends to bestow a blessing on you, no person, nor the devil himself can steal what God intends for you to receive.

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