Christian Marriage Counseling in Tampa, Florida — Ask Dr. Ron

Considering going to marriage counseling? What kind of counselor do you want? Choosing a marriage counselor can be like trying to choose an ice cream flavor at an ice cream shop. There are so many choices!  Are you a Christian? Do you want counsel from a Christian values perspective? Faith-based, Christian marriage and family counseling, […]

Ask Dr. Ron — What is the meaning of “God’s Will?”

Ever struggle discerning God’s will for your life on a certain matter? Join the club, as most, if not all of us have, like Jacob of old, wrestled with the will of God for our lives. Where should I go to college? Whom should I marry? Where should I work?   Taking a “word picture” approach, […]

Ask Dr. Ron — Decisions Decisions

Decisions decisions, so many decisions I don’t know which one to make.  Throughout our lives all of us are faced with many, many decisions.  Some decisions are minor like deciding what to wear today.  Other decisions, however, are so important that they impact a person’s life forever.  Like, should I marry Tommy or Johnny?  That’s […]

Ask Dr. Ron — What About the Frequency of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage?

I read recently that one of the top 10 issues in marital relationships is the frequency of sexual intimacy. As a marriage counselor for over 30 years I would have to agree. Married couples periodically stop having sex for all kinds of reasons: resentment, exhaustion, stress, power & control, physical challenges, boredom, you name it. […]

Ask Dr. Ron: What about disciplining my children?

Once you have kids, they introduce 18+ years worth of excitement and turbulence into your marriage. Kids spill stuff, break stuff and sometimes even steal stuff. The life of a parent can often feel like a constant struggle to get children to eat their vegetables, brush their teeth, wash their hair, and for crying out […]

Ask Dr. Ron: So, What about the In-laws?

Over many years of marriage counseling I have had a plethora of questions like the following: My mother-n-law gives us NO privacy, what am I supposed to do? My father-n-law tries to make financial decisions for us, how should we respond? Our parents like to tell us how to discipline our children, what’s up with […]

Ask Dr. Ron — What if I don’t “feel” like Forgiving?

Several years ago a wife made the following statement to me, “But I don’t feel like forgiving him for what he did,” speaking about something her husband had done. Have you ever felt that way towards someone? I sure have. The problem with you and me having that feeling is that first and foremost forgiveness […]

Can Someone Steal a blessing God intends for me?

A client recently asked this question: “Can someone steal a blessing from you that God intended for you to have?” Short answer: No First, let’s define the term “blessing.” Webster defines the term this way: “approval that allows or helps you to do something; help and approval from God; something that helps you or brings […]