Christian Marriage Counseling in Tampa, Florida — Ask Dr. Ron

Considering going to marriage counseling? What kind of counselor do you want? Choosing a marriage counselor can be like trying to choose an ice cream flavor at an ice cream shop. There are so many choices!  Are you a Christian? Do you want counsel from a Christian values perspective?

Faith-based, Christian marriage and family counseling, for those who embrace Christianity, is a choice that will give you the best of psychology combined with truth from God’s Word. This is a holistic approach that incorporates effective proven therapeutic strategies with proven Truth. This is the type of counseling offered at Tampa Family Resources, Inc. You can call 813-679-3275 to request a counselor. You can log onto and fill out a counselor request form on our counseling page.

The use of the word “psychology” in the same sentence with Christian counseling causes tension in some believers, but before you quit reading, hear me out.

There is no question that there are some faulty elements with secular psychology. However, Dr. Archibald Hart, a clinical psychologist, says, “You cannot judge secular psychology today by where it was 30-40 years ago. Today it is more scientific, not philosophical. It insists that therapies have empirical evidence to support their effectiveness. Furthermore, a number of strategies now have emerging focus on the same important issues that our Christian faith promotes—the therapeutic value and necessity of forgiveness, importance of faith & hope, eternity, and an introduction of virtues like honesty, and character.”

To address only the psychological part of your being without the faith aspect can leave you trying to navigate the choppy waters of marriage and family without the wisdom promised in God’s Word. God chooses to work in our lives as we bring our issues to Him in prayer and apply His Word to our daily living choices. God wants to guard your heart and mind with His peace. (Phil 4:7) God promises to continue to work in you until the day you enter eternity complete in Him. (Phil. 1:6) Our counseling is designed to support your faith journey and assist you in applying biblical strategies to your daily choices. We offer in person and skype or FaceTime appointments for your convenience. Call 813-679-3275 to book an appointment.

To address counseling from a “spiritual” perspective without the practical, daily application of Gods’ Word and the effective use of proven therapeutic strategies creates a dualistic approach. Dualism is the practice of separating the spiritual part from the physical part of a person. When a counselor does this, they just focus on the spiritual part of their client, as to them, the physical part is unimportant. This is dangerous! What’s wrong with this approach? I like the way Dr. Hart answers this question, “Well, to begin with, it creates something called ‘splitting,’ where the believer’s life is so neatly compartmentalized into the spiritual versus the physical or emotional. Believers then live two independent lives.” That’s why a pastor can preach on Sunday, walk out of the pulpit and have an affair on Monday and not feel any guilt about it. His life is so compartmentalized; he just shifts from one compartment (spiritual), to another compartment, (physical).

Effective counseling treats the whole person. Counseling that fails to address the whole person does not produce life change. You seek counseling because you are seeking help with life change. Contact us today. Call 813-679-23275 or log onto and fill out a counseling request form located on the counseling page of our website.