Corporate Support Team

 Corporate Support Team Business Package

Our Corporate Support Team (CST) Program makes a difference!

Providing a Corporate Support Team to companies who care for the emotional health, spiritual health, and professional success of their employees.

Our businesses package is called a Corporate Support Team (CST).  Employees of our clients and their immediate family members are provided access to individual and family counseling, life-coaching and our chaplaincy services.

Our program is created to be an “onsite” program.  The first time we come to the workplace, we give each employee an “Employee Packet” which includes a description of services and contact information to access our services.  Weekly or monthly as we come onsite, we begin to build relationships with the employees.  We connect with each employee in brief conversation being careful not to interrupt their work.   We can provide our services onsite at the workplace, at our offices, by phone, facetime, and skype.  All the services we provide for employees are confidential.

Professional sports teams realize the benefit of providing both coaches and chaplains for their players.  When an athlete is physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy their performance in the game is always better.  On the other hand, when something goes awry in their private lives it oftentimes negatively affects their play on the field or court. In like fashion, a company’s most valuable asset is its employees! Investing in your employees by providing our CST (Corporate Support Team) program will protect your most valuable company asset! Employers recognize the majority of problematic issues for their employees stem from things outside the work place, but come into the work place with the employee. These issues have a negative effect on attendance, attitude, performance and productivity on the job. Our CST program offers your employees the support they need to manage the difficulties many are facing in today’s culture, economy, and most importantly, in their families. The voluntary, neutral, confidential services provided by our Coaches & Chaplains offer employers a way to express interest and concern for employees and give them a resource to help resolve problematic issues without getting directly involved. In so doing, the individual employee gets help; their family gets help and the company “bottom line” gets help.

Are there any differences between Employee Assistance Programs, (EAP’s) and TFR’s Corporate Support Team (CST) Program?

The main difference between the standard EAP and  our CST is RELATIONSHIP. With a standard EAP the employee is given materials and an 800 number to call, but there typically is no relational connection between the provider and the employee. Another huge difference between our CST  and an EAP is that all of our services are not limited each calendar year like they are in most EAP’s.  Our CST program offers not only the 24/7/365 availability of the same Coach & Chaplain, but also a relationship with him/her as well. Most employees prefer to talk to someone they know and trust. Companies offering our CST program report much higher usage rates than traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), simply because of the relational nature of this benefit. Here’s what one business owner said, “The addition of a Chaplain/Coach has given my employees a faith based avenue to deal with many issues they face in their everyday lives.  Their issues could be work or non-work related, but they may not have anyone to talk to.  My Chaplain/Coach’s casual approach allows my employees to seek him out either in the store, or, if needed meet him at his office.  I find that this added benefit helps my staff to have a better sense of well-being in the work place and also in their personal lives.” Jim Gibson, Operator Owner, Chick-fil-A, Tampa Palms,  Florida


  • Certified Professional Life Coaches providing coaching in the following areas:
    • Relationships
    • Divorce Transition
    • Stress Management


  • Weekly onsite care-giving and relationship building
  • Crisis care giving: on-call availability by cell phone 24 hours a day.
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Jail Visitation
  • Funeral preparation and service officiating


  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Marriage and family unity
  • Blended family issues
  • Divorce prevention
  • Grief support
  • Depression support
  • Anger management
  • Stress management

Many families do not get the help they need simply because they do not know who to turn to or cannot afford the cost of coaching or counseling centers.  No other coaching/chaplaincy organization in the country offers ongoing individual, couple, and family coaching/counseling to the employee and their family. 

Referrals for needs outside the scope of our expertise such as:

  • Mental and emotional needs requiring licensed mental health counselors
  • Medical Needs
  • Crisis Pregnancy/Abortion Recovery
  • Domestic Abuse Shelter
  • Health/Wellness Coaching

To contact our Corporate Support Team Director  for information about providing services for your company please fill out the following form: CST  Information Request Form