Counseling Testimonials

Counseling Testimonials

Here’s what our clients are saying about the services we offer . . .

“I highly recommend Ron and April Beck at Tampa Family Resources for your ministry’s counseling needs.  As a pastor of a growing church it is almost impossible to keep up with the increasing counseling demands.   Thank God for TFR!  They are the counseling resource we have used over the years with tremendous positive results.  Pastors, Tampa Family Resources is a place that you can count on to help you steer your people to relational, emotional, and spiritual health while giving you the time to increase your ministry bandwidth.  I highly recommend Tampa Family Resources!”

– David Towner,
Senior Pastor Openwater Church
Tampa, Florida

I met April several years ago. My father met her at a CABA (Carrollwood Area Business Association) meeting and he gave me her business card.

I reluctantly called her thinking that no one could help me manage my depression issues. I’m sure I was one of the worst cases she had ever seen. I couldn’t sit in a session for more than a few minutes before wanting to leave. April was patient promising that ‘baby steps’ would eventually work for me.

She would send me home with some scriptures to help me remember God’s love and forgiveness for me. I continued to improve slowly but surely. We then began to do some real work exploring my many issues. I also have a tendency to have full blown panic attacks. I am happy to say they are now less frequent and not as intense. April gave me ‘tools’ to help me manage my impulsiveness therefore choosing ‘constructive’ behavior over ‘destructive’ behavior.

I have chosen to continue on this path because it has given me a much better quality of life. I directly credit this new life of mine to April Beck, for her love and faith in the Lord and believing that miracles really do happen.”


Another client says the following about his experience with marriage counseling . . .

We encountered typical marital issues, but had no help to fall back on. We could only think of one place for the guidance we needed, Tampa Family Resources. For the past 6-7 months we have been receiving weekly spiritual counseling and our lives have been completely changed. We are more obedient to God and my wife and I are closer than ever. We have learned how to be more effective parents, better partners and more importantly we are much closer to God than we have ever been.

Without Tampa Family Resources I’m not sure we would have had the wisdom nor strength to make our marriage work. TFR is truly a God-sent instrument that has absolutely made a difference in our marriage and my daughter’s life. We will forever be grateful to TFR for their compassion and dedication to the Lord’s word.

– Shaun

Another client says the following about her experience with individualized counseling . . .

My name is Lydia. I am a 29 year old sexual abuse survivor, but more importantly the daughter of a very real and loving Heavenly Father. This is my story…

Four years ago I moved to Tampa, Florida from Charlotte, North Carolina with my Honda Accord full of as much “stuff” as I could manage. I left behind my still-fully furnished apartment not knowing whether or not this changing of environment would be permanent. I held onto all my baggage, unaware of the parallels that it would have in my not-so-distant future. The drive down I-95 gripped me with fear so intense I contemplated turning around. I wondered if I had made a mistake. As I turned onto I-4 somewhere outside of Daytona Beach I felt a sense of panic come over me, but I kept on driving – pushing through, not thinking about all that I was leaving behind, including my three year old daughter. I was a single mom, I was scared, I was hurting, and I felt broken.

Over the course of my first year in Tampa I found a steady job working with a local engineering firm. I met a man. Not just any man, a great man. We became friends, dated, became engaged and fought through a custody battle ensuring that I would become my daughter’s primary custodial parent. It all seemed so surreal but there still seemed to be a dark shadow that followed me everywhere. In March of 2009 my husband and I were married. It was the perfect wedding on what could not have been a more perfect day. However, that shadow still followed me. Our marriage was off to a very rocky start. We fought, a lot. I was hysterical, emotional, and numb. I trusted no one.

I was very far away from having a relationship with Christ. The more arguing we had under our belts the more we both felt like fleeing the scene. In March of 2010, we brought our son into the world. The pregnancy had been horrific. I was constantly throwing up, I had no strength, and didn’t have the energy to fight. Once he was born, the anger showed its face again. I still wasn’t aware of the root of all the bitterness I had been spewing, like venom. First in the signs of post-partum depression but as the months rolled along, I realized it was much deeper than that.

In September of 2010, I found a local pastor that forwarded on to me the contact information for Tampa Family Resources. April Beck and I had one very brief conversation over the telephone and set an appointment date. It was my final cry for help. I felt God move in my heart and although it was through a gut- wrenching pain of admittance of short-comings on my part I pushed through. For those who are uneasy about the thought of spiritual warfare and demonic oppression, I can assure you that it is for real. From the age of seven my purity had been stripped of me, and then again at 13, and again at 16. Sexual abuse is a very delicate subject. It holds no prisoners. It has no prejudices. The last several months have been a complete transformation of my soul, my mind, and my marriage. The bars, the lies, and the taunting negative whispers of the enemy no longer keep me in bondage. The anger I had kept buried so deeply for years erupted one very emotional night in the company of my husband and April and the waves of God’s healing that have taken place since then have really reaffirmed my faith in my salvation. I could not have done this without the help of April, I’m sure my husband would attest to that. Our marriage is healing, my heart is at peace, and my home is no longer in chaos and turmoil. There is no longer a shadow, only His light. God is good, all the time.

Tampa Family Resources is an amazing God-filled purpose driven ministry. To have a heart and ear of discernment for God’s words of direction and wisdom are true spiritual gifts. This ministry and its ability to follow obediently into (for me) very rocky terrain has been such a huge blessing in my life. It is my prayer for them to see true abundance in their work. I have been so touched by the steadfastness and dedication to see me through my healing that my heart overflows. My life will never be the same. We continue to seek the ministry’s counsel for our lives as our Father takes hold of our hearts and molds us into the children He created us to be.