Blended Familiy Testimonials

Blended Family Testimonials

Our relationship with Tampa Family Resources started at Grace Family Church in 2010 in a Blended Family class led by Ron and April Beck. Me being previously married with a daughter, and my wife who had never been married nor had children, faced many challenges. Previously we had met with a few non-Christian counselors and nothing seemed to be saving our marriage. It seemed that nothing was working and we were certainly headed toward divorce. Within our circle of friends we were the only blended family and we had no one or nothing to relate to. Through Ron and April’s class we were able to understand that we were not alone with these challenges and that through God’s direction and obedience there is hope.


What our clients are saying about Your Blended Family:

  • “It has helped us understand each other better and allowed us to see that we are not the only couple having issues. It has given us hope in our marriage.”
  • “This course was very effective evoking thoughts and feelings that needed to be exposed and helping me to deal with ‘baggage’ that was in my heart.”
  • “This course helped me to see the ‘baggage’ I brought into my relationship. I wasn’t aware of how deep past hurts have affected me and continue to affect me. Learning new ways to redirect my hurt, and anger is key.”
  • “Taking this course has helped me have discussion points with my husband. It allowed me to be more comfortable explaining the impact of my abuse. It made me love my husband even more. It took a while to get him to agree to come, but in this class he was able to open up about his past. I am so proud of him.”
  • “This class has made a huge positive impact in our relationship. I can see how my husband tries to work things out, he makes me feel safe, loved, respected, and for the first time, I feel that I am his priority. Seeing him making an effort to do better, motivates me to do better. Thank you so much for this class. We love it and have learned so much.”
  • “Because of the class I am able to identify my destructive behaviors and stop them in their tracks. Also, I have gained powerful resources to help us work through our issues without things getting ugly. Divorce is not an option.”
  • “I believe this curriculum helped pinpoint certain baggage like depression, isolation, and emotional issues, that I knew was there, but didn’t realize how they were affecting my marriage.”
  • “Our relationship has been positively impacted by using ‘I’ statements rather than using ‘you’ statements. I learned the importance of taking responsibility for my speech, actions, and attitudes.”

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