Healthy Parenting

Are you longing for guilt-free parenting tools?

Parenting is hard work.  No other job produces as much guilt and frustration as parenting does.  How do I get my kids to cooperate? How do I teach them right from wrong?

The Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) is an evidence based and faith based parenting curriculum that builds protective factors into the family for the health and well-being of the children and the family as a whole. 

Our philosophy is to teach parents how to embrace the importance of raising children with respect, compassion, and integrity and to keep the well-being of the children as the primary goal of parenting.

The research from thousands of studies is clear and persuasive.  The way children are treated during their childhood affects how they grow and develop.  Raising children with respect, compassion and integrity increases their brain level and functioning and their ability to competently adapt to an ever changing complex world.  A nurturing environment has a positive effect on their personality, the quality of the relationships they form with peers, future spouses and their family, contributions to society and the sense of purpose and fulfillment they will experience in life.