Blended Family Video Resources

The Blended Truth was created to provide couples and families with the proper tools and resources to succeed in the blending process. Here are some videos we have put together, based on some of our own experiences as a blended family, to help you navigate through some of the many different challenges you may encounter.

We will be updating the page with new videos periodically. If you would like futher information or have other questions you would like us to discuss here on “The Blended Truth,” please email us 

Is it really about them…or you?


Disconnected from your stepchild?

Communication with an ex-spouse can be difficult.


Blended Discipline!

Blended Money!

Ready, Set, Whoa!

Kids today are struggling!

One of the top reasons blended families fail!


‘Tis the Season!

The Blended Truth!

The Blended Family Myth – “We will be one big happy family!”

The Couple Relationship – Part 1

The Couple Relationship – Part 2

Step-Parenting “Blended Love!”

Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling!

“The Ex-Holidays!”